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Nutrition ways of Basketball players

We all understand that a healthy diet is equally important as your training when it comes to your ability for a basketball game. In the short run, food works as energy for your muscles and if you are deficient in it, you simply won't be able to perform....

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Exercises to improve vertical jump

If you're in college, chances are you will be one of many guys that want to perform a slam dunk. An essential step to accomplish this is training your vertical leap. Whether or not you are tall, a great vertical leap may not come easily. Obviously, if...

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Adam Linkenauger's BaFv3 training course

There are loads of superb programs around that will help you increase your jumping ability. The one that you'll be taking a look at now is Become a Freak v3. It was put together by Adam Linkenauger, a world renowned basketball coach and vertical leap...

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